Vizsla and Labrador Retriever Puppies  are checked for health problems , inoculated and be free of worms prior to leaving at 7 weeks of age.   Puppies when leaving Hatszel Kennels should be seen by your veterinarian for its second set of shots and a health check with 2 weeks from picking your puppy.  

Any pup that is found defective  may be returned for a refund less the $200 deposit.

The puppies will be well socialized..  They will be conditioned to household sounds and to the sounds of nature.   They will be introduced to birds, gun shots and water if weather permits.

I will issue a limited  registration for the puppies which will be lifted with proof of OFA 

or Penn hip being acceptable after the age of two.  Any dog that does not receive an 

acceptable OFA or Penn Hip score by the age of 30 months provided there was not an 

accident that caused the hip failure, may be replaced for a choice of a pup from a 

current or future litter.  

Spay and Neuter Policy

The recent research I have viewed has indicated that cancer risk and behavior problems have a higher occurrence in dogs that have been spayed or neutered prior to 1 year of age .

Our health guarantee will be void if your pup is spayed or neutered prior to it first year of age (I strongly recommend waiting until your pups is 18 months) of age prior to spaying or neutering your dog.

Sample Copy of Bill of Sale