Hatszel’s Sophie LaRun for Duck MH

Cas High Tucker GMNH

Ironweeds Boom Boom Butterfly MH

FC Money Talks II

Ironweeds Red of Grace Farms SH

Hatszels Madi

Puppies Parent Tree

Puppies Born March 18, 2014.

3 Females and 1 Male

Puppy Open House cancelled Easter

Pups ready to go home May 3, 2014

Pups and Mom doing well!

All Puppies are Sold

Yellow Collar Female

Purple Collar Male

Pink Collar Female

Blue Collar Female

5 Days Old

Dew Claws Removed.

Pups and Mom doing well.



Sophie and Red Puppies


Two weeks old eyes just opened.

Pups first day outside, introduced to cap gun, pigeon and pups are eating solid food

Puppies go home to new owners.