Initial Training ~ 6 week course  $750 and owner provides food .

Hatszel Kennels provides training for  pointing and retrieving dogs from the age of 8 weeks and up with various stages of learning. We limit  the numbers of dogs to 4 dogs in our kennels at a time.  We train both Vizsla's and Labradors for the field.  Call to discuss details of your specific needs.

The initial training course sets the foundation on which we work your dog.   We begin with the basics of heel, sit, 

kenneling and sit to the whistle.   We teach hold to force fetch., using the ear pinch method. I also start back and 

overs on the force fetch table and progress to the ground.  Training will emphasizes retrieves on land and the 

water.and we will teach short doubles in the yard when the dog is steady to sit.   Training will involve use of bumpers, 

dead birds, lining and sight marks and double retrieves.  Introduction to the gun and force lining and sight marks and 

double retrieves.   At the completion of the course your dog should be able to complete the JH hunt Test.

Fees for the hunt test, and live birds are responsibility of the client. If  additional weeks are required 100/week. Due at pick-up.

Intermediate Training ~ 8 week course  $1200 and owner provides food.

Intermediate training will include include emphasizing the components of the initial course and introduces  collar 

conditioning, steadiness at the line,  Doubles, and challenging marks single and double T, and swim by.  Empathizing 

lining strait out and back for distances of 100 yards or more.  Work with other dogs and wait for his turn to be sent.  

Dogs at this level should be able to complete a Senior Hunt test. If additional weeks are required 135/week due at pick up.

Fees for Hunt Tests and live birds are the responsibility of the client

I have experience working with dogs that have been started later in life dogs an excellent opportunity to succeed